SkyWatch Mobile Surveillance Trailer...
The Perfect Eyewitness

SkyWatch Mobile Surveillance Trailer... The Perfect Eyewitness

    Ideal Uses:
  • Festivals
  • Construction Sites
  • Sporting Events
  • Rallies and Parades
  • Virtual Stakeouts
  • Vandal Prone Areas
  • Remote Facilities

Critical Technology Solutions has developed the perfect answer to those needing a flexible surveillance system.

SkyWatch creates a 360° virtual security zone.  High quality optics, evidence standard recording and a 30 foot elevated platform create an ideal surveillance environment to exceed your protection needs.  The unit is easy to deploy or reposition without special tools or training.  Built upon an open platform, SkyWatch can be expanded or reconfigured to meet your monitoring needs for years to come.


The unit consists of a tamper resistant steel cabinet mounted on a compact trailer, with a 30’ telescoping mast to provide an elevated viewing platform.  Power is supplied through an internal, deep cycle, battery bank and is recharged using standard AC power.  The SkyWatch battery pack system can run up to 9 days before requiring recharging with extended power options available.  All cameras are recorded in mega-pixel quality and can be viewed from any Internet connected device.  SkyWatch’s ability to communicate from your home or office makes this a very practical tool for site management and remote viewing.

SkyWatch is available for rental or purchase. Financing and leasing are available. 

Please contact Critical Technology Solutions for details.


Loss Prevention:

Construction sites are particularly vulnerable to theft.  SkyWatch provides the first level of defense against loss by acting as an obvious deterrent.  Simply position the SkyWatch mobile surveillance unit in a prominent location and activate the cameras.  The flexibility of SkyWatch enables you to move and reconfigure your security resources rapidly to meet your security demands.  With construction theft exceeding $1 billion in the US annually, SkyWatch provides a clear return on investment.


In addition, remote monitoring allows owners, engineers and architectural firms to view the construction site 24/7 from the comfort of their location.  A timelapse presentation video of your project can be easily created at any time.


Police Surveillance Tool

Municipalities are taking advantage of video surveillance technology to enhance their security resources.  SkyWatch provides the ability to monitor an entire parade route, festival or other event from one central location.  The controls and image capture quality of our cameras are so advanced that operators now have the ability to track and direct ground personnel to specific targets in large, crowded areas.  In addition, video and photo evidence prove critical in obtaining convictions.

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